Business Solutions

CFO As You Go – Services to Help Your Business and Profits Grow

Our goal is to  provide you with the information that will help you make the most of your time and increase your profits. 

Most  small businesses can benefit greatly from having a CFO but cannot afford the cost of one.  For a few hours each month we can review your bookkeeping records and provide the analysis and advice that gives your company that competitive edge. We know our business clients can benefit more from a CPA than just providing tax preparation. We offer services to help you run your business more efficiently to increase your bottom line.

Some of the Services We Offer Are

  • Internal controls evaluation and design. Think of internal controls as the security alarm for your finances.  Small business with small staffs is at a higher risk for fraud and waste. We can evaluate your existing controls as well as make recommendations to design and implement controls you need to protect your assets and profits.
  • Measure & Monitor for performance.  Are your financial statement able to help you make better business decisions? Your financials can be designed to be useful tools to measure and monitor your margins providing important feedback in time to make changes in your business to protect and increase your bottom line.
  • Outsource accounting services. We offer the flexibility and cost savings of being an outsource solution for all or part of your bookkeeping processing. We process the parts you may not be able to handle or are not cost effective. Outsource payroll had become widely accepted and we have taken that same concept and applied it to our clients.
  • Monthly or quarterly truing of the books. Some business owners need only for us to review and adjust their financial statements each month or quarter to be sure they are getting the right numbers to make their decisions by.  We are able to provide those services so you can make the best management decisions with confidence.
  • Business Coaching. We often hear CEOs lamenting the loneliness of their role, and difficulty finding a trusted advisor to help them gain the clarity they need in making mission critical decisions.  We can offer you access to an experienced business coach with whom you can discuss your business and, as needed, personal issues in complete confidentiality.  Coaching programs can be customized to your needs and budget.  The tone at the top affects the entire business, and the benefits of business coaching have repeatedly been proven to far exceed their cost.